Secured Personal Loans - A Lucrative Financial Solution

When expenses go haywire, taking credit is a logical solution. By and large, every borrower wants:
Lowest possible interest rates (APR)
Negotiable repayment terms - grace period or payment holidays or early pay offs
Uncomplicated loan clauses - hidden charges, penalties and extra benefits like the Payment Protection Plan (PPI)

Usually, the only way one can find a loan like that is by making use of the existing assets. This is when secured personal loans come into the picture. They are the most certain way of getting the best possible deal.

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Secured personal loans are easily obtainable against collateral of significant value. Collateral could be anything valuable – home, real estate, automobile, jewellery, saving accounts, etc. The purpose of collateral is to cover the risk factors attached to loaning. As lending is a business, the lender has to make sure that he will get his money back. So, the key or governing factor in secured personal loans is the value of collateral because if the borrower defaults to pay back then the lender can take possession of the pledged asset to recover his money.
The first advantage of secured personal loans is that one can borrow a bigger amount. The amount can be as high as £75,000 and may even increase further if the furnished collateral is of a greater value. The second advantage is that one can get an extended repayment term - as long as twenty-five years. In some cases, it can even go up to thirty years to help the borrower manage his finances better.

Secured personal loans are usually availed for major expenses and there is a variety of different types available in the loan bazaar according to their usage. To name a few popular reasons - debt consolidation, bad credit, wedding, vacation, education, business start-up or expansion, vehicle purchase, home improvement, unemployment and many more. The reasons themselves indicate that they must be really popular in the credit market. Also, secured personal loans [] are the only option for those who are facing difficulty in getting an unsecured personal loan or have a poor credit history.
The basic criteria to avail all secured personal loans remain the same. Only the rate of interest varies according to loan type, loan amount, duration and value of collateral. Secured personal loans are all about making the most of the existing sources and resources. As they are availed against a valued item, it is needless to say that the borrower should not go overboard.

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