Getting a $10,000 Personal Loan Checklist - How to Get Such Personal Loan If My Credit Score Is Bad

A series of unfortunate events continuously happen on you during the economic downturn - for instance, debt and loan repayment problems as well as unemployment or salary cut issues, and you've a few commitments to endure. If all of your financial problems can be solved with legitimate money lending - but how can you possibly borrow a large sum of $10,000 legally even if you have a bad credit.

1. Calculating the risk of having a personal loan - This is the crucial before you start applying for loans. Like any other loans, you have to consider the risk of applying such loans for bad credit like high-interest rates, and you can minimize the risk by having a stable job and healthy spending habit. Plan a daily or monthly budget after the loan approval to ensure that you're afford to pay off your loan on the long run. In short, you can only apply for such loans if you afford to take the risk on your own.

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2. Search for accredited lender online - Don't get mix up with typical loan lenders and non-bank lenders. Typical loan lenders only lend money to their clients who have good credit history and normally they are homeowners - meaning that they have valuable assets like properties that can be used as collateral. If you have a poor credit score and you don't have any collateral to support your loan application, start looking for any available loan packages via non-bank lenders - such as Total Cash Access and Liberty Financial and other non-bank lenders.

Make sure that these particular lenders are accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check for reviews from internet forums about their service quality. Rule out those lenders which have many complaints from their former-clients.

3. Ask for free quotation online - once you have chosen a few suitable BBB accredited lenders - start comparing their loan packages online by requesting for free quotation online. If you prefer to call them for free quotation - use the customer service phone number (most probably they would provide a toll-free phone number) and call them for assistance. Always ask them whether you're eligible to obtain such personal loans based on your current financial position - at this point; you have to be honest about your current financial situation.

4. Looking for the right loan package - when you're offered few loan packages from different non-bank lenders, it's time to compare all these loan packages based on few criteria - overall cost and amount of the personal loan (including the total upfront and service fees), total amount of loan repayment per month, and total interest rates applied.

Hope that you make use of the money from the personal loan wisely and you're able to pay off the loan as promised.

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